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Shadecloth Net House

Using Shadecloth helps manage temperature during the day, keeps insects and predators out.

We’ll build a 2000m2 facility. Our online research has shown that this should be sufficient to feed a village of 75 people for a year. Including the sides we will need +- 2750 m2 shadecloth.

The cost of shadecloth is around NAD 12,- per m2. If we can use poles we find on the farm then the cost for this shadecloth house is 30 000,-.

We can build one 13m2 keyhole garden with raised beds for each family. According to PDC this should supply enough. So we need 16x 13m2 keyhole raised bed gardens in the Nethouse. (16 includes volunteers, interns and guests) = 208 m2 green

Make the net 42x wide. This way you have 42m shadenet on top and 4m for both sides, not wasting anything off a 50m roll. The rolls you can buy are 3m x 50m.

Side view:


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