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Seed Nursery

Net House Nursery

We will use a section of the Net House as a nursery for the plants we want to plant out into the Food Forests and Open fields, as well as those we want to plant out into the Forraging area to regenerate and enhance that area where it has been degraded.

We’ll build a seeding station:

The Nursery makes its own potting soil from sieved Compost and sharp sand (found on river banks – but should not have clay in it). Ratio of 1 Compost: 9 Sand for fine seeds to 1:1 for large seeds.

Heirloom seed suppliers

Greenhouse Nursery

We should only buy heirloom or open polinated seed – these will allow us to produce our own seed later and propagate for 1000 years. (If we use hybrid they might not produce seed later, like a Muli) – great french online store – for arid region heirloom and open polinated seed.

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