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Managing Humidity and Heat in the Greenhouse without loosing water,

We need to keep the Greenhouse closed – and NOT cool it with opening windows, rather we need to cool it with adding shade where needed. Here is an article about that:

Explore using automatic window openers for moving shade louvers in place on a greenhouse, i.e when it is hot the device will move the shade in place, when it is cool it will move it away.

DIY external greenhouse shading

Keeping reused water clean in the greenhouse:

Looks like no-one is using mechanical window openers to move shading in place automatically – we can build something, patent it and sell it globally.

We will build mechanical automated shading systems (I haven’t found these online anywhere) so that our greenhouse gets shaded automatically when it gets hot. (Normally they automatically open windows but we don’t want to let out the humidity). You’ll find automated shading systems online but they are all inside the greenhouse – we need ours outside the greenhouse so we don’t get the energy in.

We will likely have 2 or 3 closed greenhouses just for growing grains.

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