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Herewith, you are informed that manufacturing of our standard Clay Chicks Brooding Pots has started today 16th August 2021.

However, it’ll take a further 2-3 weeks for them to dry, before firing them for use by poultry farmers without electricity connection in their farming area and those who simply want to cut costs of their brooding electricity bills. Due to length time that it takes for the pots to dry, we advise that those interested in using our Brooding Pots should put in their orders 30-45 days in advance in order to avoid length waiting period.

A standard pot has a maximum carrying capacity of 3kg of briquettes. The unit price is currently set at N$120. Next, I’ll post description about “How Does the Clay Brooding Pot Work?

For further information please contact:


General Manager


P. O. Box 1020

OUTAPI, Omusati Region


Cell: +264 81 2540 769, Email:

Here’s a short video showing a 200 chick homebuild simple cheap chicken brooder made from scrap, including a charcoal based heat source and a do/don’t design discussion from a slum in Kenya:

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