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This Wiki is for all who want to learn more about growing their own food for themselves or their village.

All information here is free to use, download or print.

It is very difficult to find information online for growing your own chemical free food in Southern Africa. Most information is for America or Europe where the seasons and weather is different or from companies pushing to sell chemical fertiliser or pesticides, which we don’t want.

Some words we use will be new to you. You can see what they mean here.

We are still busy writing all this information. Some pages are still blank or don’t look nice yet but we are working to improve it. If you have information that is needed here and you can share it with our brothers and sisters then please contact us to share.

Also, much information was taken from the internet. We try to link to the original article below our article. If you see that some information is wrong or you know a better way, then please contact us to share

Our plan is to make it easy for every village to produce more than enough food for all their villages with only a single borehole.

Thanks to everyone who helped write these pages. There is a lot of good information here.

We use simple English so that everyone can learn here, even if you only have Grade 6. If you want to improve your English then you can play games on “Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge” app.


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