Greening the desert

You won’t believe what is going on quietly in the world…while the world economy once again tanks, pandemics rage and big oil still couldn’t care about all the damage they do…

Have a look at the work of Geoff Lawton – he’s literally greening the desert, one small patch at a time in Jordan. Truly exciting work! This is what our villages here in Namibia need as well!


I’ve bought my first book on Permaculture and WOW, what a new world is opening up. I’ve always had a vague idea that we could make things grow in arid areas, but I had no idea of what abundance truly is possible.

I strongly suggests you get going – and even if it’s just a small box of herbs on your windowsill. Once the gardening/growing bug bites you your life will be richer forever…without you having to spend big money 🙂

I can recommend the book Practical Permaculture: for Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth, by Jessi Bloom, Timber Press. Kindle Edition for a great manual on how to green your surroundings.

I’ve also done a quick Google search and am amazed that Permaculture is already taking hold in Namibia.

Here are some great sites to check out: including:,,

Enjoy 🙂