I’ve bought my first book on Permaculture and WOW, what a new world is opening up. I’ve always had a vague idea that we could make things grow in arid areas, but I had no idea of what abundance truly is possible.

I strongly suggests you get going – and even if it’s just a small box of herbs on your windowsill. Once the gardening/growing bug bites you your life will be richer forever…without you having to spend big money 🙂

I can recommend the book Practical Permaculture: for Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth, by Jessi Bloom, Timber Press. Kindle Edition for a great manual on how to green your surroundings.

I’ve also done a quick Google search and am amazed that Permaculture is already taking hold in Namibia.

Here are some great sites to check out: including:,,

Enjoy 🙂

Opensource solutions

I’ve just stumbled across an awesome resource website! is a community of sustainable lifestyle designers who open source their plans for a host of sustainable living solutions. It’s now high on my list of favourite resources to help us build a sustainable future here in Namibia. Do check it out on

The Future of good Money

I’ve just read about SEEDS for the first time earlier today on Facebook. It’s like a new world is opening up – I’m so super excited. SEEDS is a cryptocurrency made specifically to boost community building projects which regenerate nature at the same time. It’s like all good things are coming together, a local community based currency, rewards for good deeds, funding for projects and most importantly – a merit based decision system. WOW. If you are interested in healing this planet, then this is a must read…and must use!

Read more about SEEDS here It’s currently in Beta testing phase, and will roll out only in 2021…but I’m definitely glued to my screen until then 🙂