About us

Advancing the advent of a abundant regenerative life for all

Fast Forward Foundation was supposed to be a Namibian Think Tank exploring solutions to our ever more pressing modern problems. We have since moved our thinking and doing over to a DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation in order to be able to connect to and value many more people and projects than would have been possible with a foundation. We have thus leapfrogged the need to establish a traditional foundation…in typical fashion…>> Fast Forward 🙂

Please go to our DAO site www.fastforward.africa instead. See you there 🙂

We look forward to 2050 and ask ourselves what Namibia will look like if we continue down the current path, given the direction we are heading in our current policy framework, visions, plans and in the context of global crises such as climate change, pandemics, food crises and globalisation.

We identify what is broken with our current system and build a new vision.

We believe that every Namibian should have a happy and meaningful life. For us this means being able to grow abundant food, living in happy, supportive communities and making a meaningful contribution to society.

Most Namibians are poor, so we try and find ways where everyone in a village or on the impoverished outskirts of our cities can achieve the above. We try to collect and disseminate solutions so communities and individuals can build their own abundant and happy lives, irrespective of the means they have inherited.

We’ll be 6 Million people in 2100. We’ll add 300 000 households over the next 15 years. Where are all these people going to find meaningful occupations? How are we going to live? What are we going to eat? How can we afford food then if we cannot even afford it now?

See our Wiki for our free collection of ideas/plans/solutions/experiences and start building your own 🙂

Vision: All Namibians live in self sustaining, regenerative, trusted communities in tune with nature by 2050. Half of all biomes in Namibia are rewilded, the land question is solved and ancient migration routes re-established.

Mission: To help all Namibians leapfrog the pitfalls of modern development by upgrading traditional villages and slums to a network of modern self sustaining ecovillages in harmony with nature. We achieve this by building a network of ecovillages, a cooperative, a network of tuition free farm/village/online schools and a mechanism of funding such developments. We start by building sample ecovillages and an experimental farm where we develop food systems producing food for 70 people on a water supply of only 1000L of water per hour.

If you are a Changemaker…please join us on our mission 🙂

Some of the organisations we work with:

Seeds is a global decentralised organisation building tools which help organisations finance and organise the regeneration of our earth. More at https://joinseeds.earth

We are a Friend of GEN, the Global Ecovillage Network

Ecosystem Restauration Camps
Member of the Ecosystem Restauration Camps Movement – https://ecosystemrestorationcamps.org

Gold Member of the Solutions Journal – https://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/
We’re a member of the Good News Network!